Unfortunately we have had to cancel all walks until further notice as a matter of precaution for everyone's sake.

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Did you know that when you go for a walk in a green space, even if the weather isn’t very good, the chances are that you will feel better? Being close to nature and the elements seems to improve our sense of wellbeing. Thus, participating in physical activity in outdoor green spaces - ‘green exercise’ – brings additional mental and physical health benefits than exercising indoors.

Research has shown positive health and wellbeing benefits such as improvements in self-esteem and mood, by reducing feelings of anger, confusion, depression and tension. There are further known physical and social benefits of this type of green exercise.

Evidence of the positive benefits of walking in a natural environment (outdoors) compared with a synthetic one (indoors):

· 71% reported decreased levels of depression after a green walk.

· 71% said they felt less tense after the green walk.

· 90% said they felt their self-esteem increased after the green walk.

· 88% of people reported improved mood after the green walk.

· 71% of people said they felt less fatigued after the green walk.

· 51% of people said they felt more vigorous after a green walk.

Research also implies that the greatest impact is seen in short durations of as little as 5-10 minutes of the activity.

Thus, physical activity in natural environments such as walking in green urban and countryside spaces may have direct and positive effects on wellbeing such as reducing stress and increasing ability to cope with stress, reducing mental fatigue and improving cognitive function. These benefits are over and above the well known physical benefits of physical activity.

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Green Activity

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